Turbo Debugger 32-bit

TD32 and Windows XP Information
Sometimes the debugger cannot open DLLs, and they don't even show in the Load Module dialog. This probably is related to a changed scheme of relocating DLLs with conflicting Image Base adresses.

The problem can be solved by manualy changing these addresses for the DLLs that cannot be debugged: In BC++ 5.02 from the Linker Options -> 32-bit Image -> Image base address. As alternative to re-linking the DLLs, use a tool like Rebase.

Suitable values for the image base addresses can be determined by running the application from a debugging tool like BC++ 5.02 IDE or WinDbg and examining the module loading log. Changing the image base to these adresses will have the effect of speeding the application load, because less DLL relocations will happen.

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