How-to tricks

Here are some how-to's for the Windows operating systems.

Use QuickView under Windows 2000 and Windows XP (Posted by Fishface in borland.public.attachments)
QuickView was removed from Windows 2000/XP. To reenable it, download the file Extract and open in a text editor the file qvdllexe.reg to read the instructions, then import the .reg file in the registry.

Shortcut to start Windows Explorer in the root of desired drive
Use the command line %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,/select,c:\temp (or any other existing folder on the desired drive).

Stop default hiding of system folders contents (\WINNT, \WINNT\SYSTEM32, \Program Files) in Windows 2000
In every folder open with Notepad the hidden file folder.htt, find the line
gShowFiles = !gFolder.HaveToShowWebViewBarricade;
and replace it with
gShowFiles = true;.

Lots of tips and tricks can be found at the Windows Guide Network.

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